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Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Rated by many as one of the best wild life sanctuaries in the country, Sasan Gir is now the only home in the world of the beleaguered Asiatic Lion. It covers an area of 1412 square kms and has witnessed a successful conservation effort despite numerous hurdles. The lion population had gone below 200 and has steadily increased to the present figure of around 300. However, conservationists are having to fight an upward battle against problems such as bad land management, indifference, political interference, poaching.

The Sanctuary is also home to the leopard, hyena, jungle cat, cheetal (spotted deer), sambhar, nilgai (blue bull), chousingha (four-horned antelope) and wild boar. The forest also boasts of 200 species of birds that include the crested serpent eagles, white-eyed buzzard, hawk eagles and sparrow hawks. It is therefore a bird watchers delight. There is also a centre where crocodiles are being reared.