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Adventure Holidays

When you have had about as much sedateness in your life as you can tolerate, you know it is time for an all out adventure holiday! Welcome to India! The country of such astounding and diverse topography, that there is no adventure sport or activity in the world that cannot be indulged in here. The best place for Adventure Holidays. Adventure Holiday

India is brimming with unique locations that are just perfect for a varied number of adventure sports and will send any adventure tourist into raptures of joy! For the Indian subcontinent is blessed with a unique topography. Adventure sports in India have gone a long way in giving a boost to the tourism industry, for people from all over the world have rapidly begun to realise the potential of India as a premium adventure sport destination. India's varied topography places it in the unique position to be able to offer ideal destinations for a wide range of adventure sports.

India has something for everyone looking for adventure, however thrilling or risky it may be. The snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows, beautiful valleys, meandering rivers, gushing waterfalls, thick forests, swampy deltas and magical moonscapes beckon one and all for an adventure holiday in India. Aero sports facilities such as ballooning, paragliding, handgliding, etc. are available for both amateurs and professionals across the country. Whether you like living life on the edge, or you just want to enjoy the occasional thrill of the unknown, head on to India.