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Hill Stations

Much of the sub-continent's landscape is dotted by hills and mountain ranges and hill resorts on these ranges are popular getaways with both locals and foreigners. Not only do they offer relief from the heat and dust of the plains, their beautiful green surroundings, solitude, salubrious weather and spectacular views makes them ideal holiday spots offering quick relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. Most are well connected by rail and road and offer some beautiful retreats to stay in.

The British must be given credit for developing most of India's hill stations. They did so to escape the blistering heat of the long Indian summer. And with seven principal mountain ranges all over the country available to them they had the opportunity to explore each one of them and create their retreat towns, many of which are well maintained and retain their old-world charm. In the North, the Himalayan ranges stretch 2500 kms across the breadth of the subcontinent, and house some of India's oldest and most charming hill stations. Take a break in any of India's hill stations and you will always come back for more of their idyllic beauty and quaint charm.