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Spiritual Places

A country where the Buddha attained Nirvana - where people practiced Christianity even before Europe took to it - where Sufis and the Mystics walked on lonely trails for days on end, and where as recently as 1995, thousands of Ganesha idols suddenly started drinking milk! People still debate if they really did - some believe, others do not. In India, you always have a choice.

No country in the world is full of so many religious pilgrim sites as India. India has welcomed all religions and people across the world thereby making itself more richer. It is a potpourri of different cultures, races, religions.

India is the land of unity and diversity, where there is not a single place, where one can find similarities. Whether it is climate, culture, caste or religion, you will find people practicing different faith and religion. India is one such place where major religions of the world was founded or it has some important religious places of all religions. It is considered the mystical land for pilgrimage with century Old Temples, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras and many Monasteries it is often called " dev bhumi" or the abode of gods.