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Beaches in India - The shimmering sands on some of the most exotic beaches of the world, along the vast peninsular Indian coastline are absolutely astounding and captivating. The clear blue waters, the palm fringed beaches and the sun-drenched sands are truly bewitching and transport one to the land of surrealistic fantasy. The ethereal beauty of the molten sun turning into a coral red ball, along the horizon is stupefying and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Sun, surf and sand beckon thousands of sun-deprived tourists come to India because it has the most mind-boggling varieties of beaches anywhere in the world. Placid lagoons and backwaters, marine estuaries teeming with fish, bays and rough lava-rocked seas, crashing surf, pure powdery golden sand or palm fringed shores where the mind is soothed by serene murmurs of the sea - you have them all.

For untold centuries, the powerful triad of the sun, the sea and the sand have pooled their resources to present spectacular effects and memorable experiences to a cross section of people from all over of the globe. India has almost a 6,000 km long coastline, which is home to some of the finest beaches in the world. More and more holidaymakers are beginning to realize the numerous activities that the Indian beaches can offer together with their beautiful surrounding, and making them their preferred destination. For the unique quality of the beaches in India is that they have something for everyone.