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Four Safety Tips for Rafters

Staying Safe While Rafting

All sports offer their fair share of safety hazards, but some are a bit more perilous than others. When water is the arena, those hazards can be formidable, indeed. Before participating in any activity that requires sportsmen to enter a body of water, basic instruction and safety tips should be acquired, in order to provide the optimum recreational experience with the least possibility of risk. Rafting, whether slow-river or white-water, is an exhilarating experience, provided you're fully-equipped and prepared for possible obstacles.

It goes without saying that anyone participating in a water sport must know how to swim. This is true even when you don't expect to be in the water (rafting, boating, etc.). You must prepare for any and all eventualities. Bad weather, equipment failure or any other unforeseen condition could force you into the water, with or without a life vest. If you don't know how to swim, participate in a swimming class at the local gym or public pool. It is best to remain in the class long enough to become certified. This will ensure that you are well equipped for water sports, and it will also come in handy if your rafting organization requires proof of training.

Now that you've prepared yourself, you need to get your equipment ready. The raft must never be overloaded, so pay close attention to weight limits. Don't squeeze in more passengers than is comfortable, and make sure that all passengers have life vests. This is an absolute must and will be essential should the raft overturn or get punctured. Since rafting is an outdoor sport, the environment also plays a factor. Check the weather before heading out on a rafting excursion. If there's poor weather in the forecast, perhaps you should postpone your trip. Remember, bad weather is not just inconvenient for rafters

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